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  • ♻ ONE STRENDY BAG > FIVE HUNDRED PLASTIC BAGS - One Strendy reusable storage bag is the equivalent of saving five hundred single use plastic bags! Unfortunately, 91% of plastic waste is NOT recycled; however by using Strendy's Reusable Storage Bags you are saving over 25 cubic feet of plastic waste which is the same as eliminating a full sized fridge stuffed full of plastic bags!
  • ♻ EASY ZIPLOCK & DYNAMIC SIZING - While other bags have small and short tabs on top resulting in the bags being hard to open and close, we have specifically made ours thick and tall enough to be easy to be grabbed, opened, and resealed. The pack includes a set of four extra spacious bags measuring at 9"x8.25", two large bags measuring at 8.65"x8", and 2 medium sized bags measuring at 6"x6". There's a fitting bag to choose whether you're packing a sandwich, a full meal, or a kids snack baggie.
  • ♻ PERFECT FOR SANDWICHES & FOOD - Our bags contain no environmentally harmful additives and are a sustainable solution to everyday needs of food storage with multiple sizes perfect for sandwiches, fresh fruit, vegetables, snacks, as a travel bag and more.
  • ♻ FOOD GRADE MANUFACTURING - Made with food grade PEVA material that is PVC-free, lead-free, chloride-free, and BPA-free. Our bags are freezer safe serving as an excellent choice for meal prepping.
  • ♻ DYNAMIC STORAGE USE & EASILY CLEANED - Able to be used for food storage or as a travel bag for everyday toiletries with our clear design being TSA friendly. Our bags PEVA material allow for a quick wash and rinse resulting in a like new bag for reuse. Important! These bags cannot be used in the microwave, dishwasher, or oven.

Strendy Reusable Sandwich Bags (8 Pack) - Ziplock Leakproof Snack Bags

  • Here are some statistics pertaining to plastic waste that you can directly help with by using reusable sandwich & snack bags. 

    • One trillion disposable plastic bags are used annually, or two million bags a minute.
    • More than 480 billion plastic bottles were sold worldwide in 2016.
    • 500 million plastic straws are used daily around the world.
    • The amount of bubble wrap produced annually is enough to wrap around the Equator ten times.
    • The world uses 500 billion plastic cups every year.

    • But the world is not destined to be a giant landfill full of plastic! Thanks to individuals like yourself interested in sustainable food and storage solutions; 
      We individually and collectively are making a massive impact on plastic waste and improving our environment. 

      Product Features: 
      ♻A set of 8 spacious bags, 6 large bags, and 2 medium sized bags. Offering multiple options for various activities like daily meal preparation, sandwich bags for lunches, picnics and more. 
      ♻PEVA FDA food grade material that is PVC-free, lead-free, chloride-free, and BPA-free with a transparent design free from colored dyes and able to be used for travel. 
      ♻Diverse functionality; able to be used as a sandwich, lunch, snack, travel, or a makeup bag and limitless other ways. 
      ♻Leakproof with double lock closure allowing for airtight closure allowing for food to be stored safely.